This painting is a lot easier than it looks! With just a few simple supplies, you can create this watercolor Valentine painting. Ready? Let’s go!

You will need some watercolors, black acrylic paint, paint brush, cardboard toilet paper tube or paper towel tube, cardstock or watercolor paper. I have several watercolor palettes. I want to do more with them. I just love watercolor! Here is the amazon affiliate link to the one I used in this project. I do make a small affiliate pay for recommending Amazon products. No extra cost to you though!

First, you need to make a little puddle of black acrylic paint. You can use whatever color you would like but I like the contrast of the black with the colors. I use a paper plate as my palette.

Next, you need to cut off a section of your paper towel or toilet paper roll. Make sure it big enough for you to hold on to.

Now take your piece of toilet paper roll and squish it into a heart shape.

Now that you have your heart shape, dip it into your paint puddle. Make sure you get the rim all covered in paint.

So take the heart with the paint on it and press it onto the paper where ever you would like. Press it good all the way around to be sure and get a good press.

Look how cute and easy it was!! It is ok if it didn’t get ink all the way around. That’s the beauty in this. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Just have fun with it! Keep pressing your tube in the paint and then on the paper in random places and angles. Its ok if they overlap.

This next step is the best part! Painting! You can use acrylics here but there is just something about watercolors. They are transparent and just have a flowing feel. So dip your brush in the water and then in your paint. Start painting all the hearts all the colors! Relax and enjoy the process.

After all the painting, you should end up with something that looks like this. How pretty is this with all the colors? This would be a great activity for kids as well! Let them have fun and get creative! This would be so pretty in a black frame.

After I did that first one, I decided to try one that was all read and pinks. I placed all my hearts in the shape of a bouquet. It was kind of an accident. I really wasn’t trying to make a bouquet in the beginning. Funny how art transforms and becomes it’s own identity!

So after I painted the hearts, I decided to do greens all around them. I used all different shads of greens to give it some depth. I took my paint brush and roughly painted a rectangle under the hearts. I made some stripes in it. So there is my vase. I painted it blue for a little contrast. I am happy with how it turned out! I need to get a couple of black frames to put these pictures. in.

I sure hope you give these a try. Have fun and let loose! Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are no rights and wrongs. You might just surprise yourself at what you can create!!