We’re back with my favorite DAS air dry clay, creating tiny fairy homes and a garden – all in a teacup! It feels so good to work with your hands and make miniature customized pieces just the way you want them.

This creation is two-part, as you’ll need about 24 hours for the clay houses to dry fully before painting and assembling them into the garden. Just pause after the first bit of the tutorial if you’re watching, and join back on the next day to follow it through with me!

You will need a tea cup and plate (salad plate size works well), air dry clay, paper clips,craft paint, a styrofoam ball or floral foam, moss (both reindeer moss and sheet moss from a craft store), greens and florals, small rocks, and of course a hot glue gun.

Mold your clay into little houses, using a tool to indent a small door. Place a straightened paper clip inside the bottom to act as a post. Allow to dry and then superglue the paper clip post into its hole.

Paint the houses any color you want!  I did some white and others in a burnt umber color, using a baby wipe to wipe some off and create a textured look.

Cut pieces of wide popsicle sticks to make roofs, and hot glue them to the dried houses.

Use a marker to draw on windows or any details you want on to the houses.

Hot glue your styrofoam or foam into the teacup, then glue on moss.

Trim paperclip posts as desired and place houses into the foam.

Embellish your garden with sprigs for trees, a rock path, and flowers.

Cut out a blob of sheet moss to fit your plate. Glue the teacup and sheet moss to the plate.

The plate can be another layer of your garden – just add more of the same pieces as you desire!

Enjoy your fairy garden “neighborhood in a cup” on the patio this spring and summer, or find it a home with indoor plants! Thanks for crafting with me!

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