These gumball machine canisters from Bullseye Playground at Target are just so easy and cute to makeover for seasonal decor! They had them back in February of this year and just brought them back for the summer.

Here I show you how to give them a makeover!

Supplies needed

You are going to need a disposable glove, spray paint in color of your liking, a well ventilated area and something to set your canister on for spray painting.

This is the easiest way that I have found to paint them.

Take the top off of the canister and stretch the glove over the clear part of the canister. Pull the end of the glove down to where the clear portion stops. This will form a nice line for your paint. Taping something that is round is not easy to do. This way, it does the work for you! Work smarter, not harder!

Now you are ready to paint! Take the canister and the top outside and place it on something like a box or piece of cardboard. Spray your top and the canister and let dry. I do two coats and wait about an hour in between. I laid it on its side and also sprayed the bottom.

Ready to paint

After it has dried well, you can remove the glove and discard it. I would bring it inside and let it acclimate. It’s hot here at my house right now!

painted gumball machine

Now you can add seasonal decor! I add some paper or tissue paper in the bottom to build it up so your decor doesn’t fall to the bottom.

Now you have a cute piece of decor!! These can be painted so many colors for different holidays! I add little carrots at Easter time. Love letters for Valentine’s Day etc. You can even put candy or cookies in them! Get creative and have fun with these!!!