This ornament brings a wood circle (or tree cookie) together with some basic craft supplies and techniques to create the sweetest decoration. You can imagine it for Christmas and winter decor – but lets switch it up for spring and summer with some printables and cheerful colors.  You will need:

  • Wooden circles (mine are from Walmart) or tree cookies (Dollar Tree)
  • Craft paint
  • Printable of circle designs in my Turquoise Valentine Crafter’s Reveal group on Facebook, under the Files tab, find “round designs printable 2 pages.pdf”
  • Tissue paper or regular paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Yarn and/or jute string
  • Wood beads (or other material). There are a few kinds of wood beads in my Amazon shop.

To begin, drill small holes at the top and bottom of your circle.
If using a printable, you can print the PDF on tissue paper by taping (all the way across) the top of the tissue to a regular piece of paper. Place the taped end into the printer, so the printer will grab it first. You could also send this PDF to a printer – regular paper will work fine!
Gently pull the printed tissue paper off of its paper buddy.
Paint your circles white. A heat gun will dry them pretty quickly.

Center the circle onto your chosen printable art and cut the paper to fit. If its tissue paper, you can lightly tear around the edges.
Paint the circle with Mod Podge, and press the paper cut out on.

You’ll have ragged tissue paper edges around the circle. Use a sander and a “down and lift” motion around the edges to sand off the overhanging tissue paper.
Poke through the paper to expose the circle’s holes.

OPTIONAL – if you have stamps in your craft supply, you can stamp into the center of a circle like I did with the floral border option from the printable.

Use watercolor paint (I watered down some acrylic craft paint) or markers to color in the design as you wish. Watercolor allows the wood grain to show through creating a subtle color touch-up to the design.

Create a yarn tassel. Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard, then slide it off.  Tie a string of yarn around the top in a tight knot, then tie another knot a bit down from that to make the tassel “neck”.  Cut the other end of the yarn loop.

Poke one string end of the tassel through the hole at the bottom of your circle, and tie a knot.
Trim the ends off.

Take a string of jute and tie it together to make a large loop.  Send the loop through the top hole of your wood circle and then pull it back through itself to create your ornament hanger.
Slide wood beads onto the jute string, and knot the jute string above them to keep in place.

The options to personalize this ornament are endless!  Thank you for joining me, as always it’s a blessing to craft with you.

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