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Hey there! I recently made this cute plant hanger on my facebook live. You can go here and watch the video I thought I would post the instructions here.

This plant hanger is good for light weight things like small succulents. I am loosing my window sill in my craft studio so I had to come up with something for my plants to hang. My new big laser will go in front of the window. So this was born!

Items needed: 3 dollar tree canvases (I used 6×8 in size), craft sticks from dollar tree, twine or jute, wooden beads (8), glue gun, paint colors of your choice, x-acto knife

supplies used for plant hanger

First I used an x-acto knife to cut away the canvas from the frame. I left my staples in because you will not see them on the finished project. I did use a hammer to pound down the staples flush with the wood after I cut away the canvas

back of canvas and tools to remove the frame

Then you should have a plain wooden frame like this

wooden frame with canvas removed

Then I took the craft sticks and cut off the rounded ends with some craft snips

craft snips cutting off the end of craft stick

I glued them to the frame to form a bottom. From there I painted each wooden frame a different color and the wooden beads a different color. Here are the colors I used

paint colors used to paint plant hanger

Using my glue gun, glued a bead to each corner of the frame that I lined with the craft sticks. Then I added glue to the top of each bead and placed another wooden frame to that. Careful to line them up. I added four more beads to the corners of that frame and added glue to the tops of those beads and then the last wooden frame. So now you should have three wooden frames with beads in the corners stacked on top of each other. I tied twine to the corners and brought the twine up and tied a knot. It should now look like this.

finished plant hanger
plant hanger finished

So now I have a cute and colorful plant hanger for my tiny succulents. I hope this inspired you to make your own!