When summer is looming its the time of year to paint red, blue and white! Painting my wood kits is just the relaxing, mind clearing, mood brightening task for my hands that I need sometimes.

You will need:

Spindle Flag

Burnt umber paint for frame edges and backing – wipe on for a stained look.

Use a sponge to paint spindles:
blue mix onto 5 short pieces,
red onto 3 short spindles and 3 long spindles,
white onto 2 short spindles and 4 long spindles.

Wipe white paint onto number and star pieces.

For an aged look you can sand around the edges and lightly over the front of the spindles.

For the frame edges, note the shorter sides will be placed on the top and bottom of the backing.
Assemble the colored spindles as shown.
Use Stick Fast glue to glue your pieces, the frame edges first and then spindles.

Add numbers and stars.


Wipe burnt umber onto the triangle outline piece.

Use a paint sponge to dab blue onto the triangle roof.
Sponge white paint onto the house background piece.

Paint black over the middle of the house.
Paint red on two rectangle pieces and the cut up rectangle pieces as shown.

Paint white on 2 rectangle pieces, the pennant shaped pieces, and the flowers. Paint the circles for the flowers yellow.

Glue your house pieces together then add flowers.

I wrote “USA” on my star, and glued two small strips of patriotic fabric in an X on the side of the roof first before gluing on the star.

Your house should look something like this!

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