Hello! Thanks for stopping in to read how I painted my craftroom pegboard. I just didn’t want to paint it white and call it a day. I wanted something that would “pop” in my room. Yes, I could have went with turquoise. Hahahaha. Obvious choice I know. I love color and wanted to incorporate it.

The pegboard finished is 4 foot by 3 foot. Pretty big!! It goes almost to the ceiling. I will show you just how I made it pretty!!

First step, painting it white

It started out brown. You can buy pegboard at any hardware store. My husband cut it down to 4ft by 3ft. I does come in white, but the hardware store was out of it. Of course, I am inpatient and I wanted to start on it. So I opted for the brown and I painted it white with some white ceiling paint we already had. This goes on faster if you use a small roller rather than a brush. It took 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted.

Using a small roller works great and covers well

Next, after it fully dried, I took it into my craftroom and taped off the sections using painters tape. I just made lines all over to make a geometric pattern.

Painters tape to tape off all the sections

After I taped it all like I wanted, I then picked out my paint colors. I had a hard time choosing. HeHe. I like all the colors!! I settled on 5. I just used craft acrylic paint for this step. I use different brands. I buy paint from Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Joanns.

Here are the 5 colors I used

After making the hard decision of the colors, I got to work painting. I painted by color. Just looking and randomly placing the first color where I thought it needed to go.

After first color

Then I started with the second color. Again, just randomly putting the pink where I thought it needed to be. Not too close together. Spacing them out.

Second color

It was getting easier at this point to decide where to put the colors. So I just continued on until I had all the colors on my board. I went back over the colors until each space had 3 coats. It let it dry for a while. Now comes the magic!!!!

All covered with COLOR!

MAGIC TIME!!!! This part was the most exciting!! Pulling off the tape!!! My whole family had to come and help pull it off!! So exciting to see the white lines in between all of the colors!!!

Look how pretty!!!

My husband framed it out for me the next day while I was at work. He is so good like that to help me!! He hung it on the wall too!! I am so happy of how it came out!!

My masterpiece!

I am just in love with this!!! It is certainly a huge accent piece in my craftroom! Almost too pretty to put stuff on. I will eventually fill it up! For now, I just want to enjoy my masterpiece!! I am so proud of it!!

I hope I inspired you to paint your pegboard. It looks so awesome and better than I imagined it would turn out! Don’t just settle for plain ole white pegboard!! Get creative and be bold!! Thanks for reading and sharing my pegboard journey!!!