Do you have any old, worn out paint brushes like I do? Do you have a habit of leaving them on the table and they dry with paint on them and now they are ruined? If you paint or craft a lot, then I am sure you do! Don’t throw them out? Let’s turn them into something cute!

I gathered my paints together of the colors I wanted to use. I painted white dots on them for the eyes.

Then I added some black to their eyes. I painted them eyebrows and mouths. I wanted all of them to have cute expressions! I also took different colors and lightly painted the bristles of each one different colors.

Each one has it’s own personality!!

Next I found a container to display them in and added some floral foam to help them stand. I covered that with pieces of burlap.

How cute did they turn out????? I just love them!

I will display them in my studio. More will probably join them in the future!

Trash turned into a happy little display!!! Happy crafting!!!