This is the best homemade moisturizing lotion recipe. If you are like me, my skin gets so dry in the winter and cool days are on the horizon. Although, I make this year round. Anyone I have ever given this to, has always wanted more or made their own. I worked in healthcare and we wash our hands quite a bit. So for those super dry body parts, this is golden!

I combine a few things to create it and I will show you how. I have made this for years and have made it for lots of friends and coworkers. Once you make it and use it, you will be making it again and again.

So let’s get started.

You will need 2 large bottles of baby lotion, 2 jars of vitamin E lotion (these can be found at walmart or dollar general), a tub of vaseline or petroleum jelly. You will need a large bowl, mixer, spoon and a gallon ziplock bag.

First step is to pour the baby lotion and the jars of vitamin E lotion in the bowl. I bought the big tub of petroleum jelly so I only used half of it. Save the lotion containers as you will put the lotion back into these containers

pour all the lotion into the bowl

Next, you need to use the mixer and mix for a couple of minutes until the petroleum jelly is all mixed up and it is not lumpy.

Now, get someone to help with this part. Pour the mixture into the gallon ziploc bag. Scrap the bowl and get it all!

Seal the bag and snip off the bottom corner with a pair of scissors

Last step, I forgot to take a pic, you squeeze the lotion back into the bottles. Enjoy! You are going to love it. My family begs me to make more once we all run out. I hope you love it too.