Do you use ribbon on these cardboard spools and ever wonder what to do with them? Do you throw them away? Nooooooo! Don’t throw them away! They most certainly have potential to become something else. Perfect shape for a top hat! Here is how to make a snowman hat from a used ribbon spool!

So to turn this spool into a top hat you are going to need an empty ribbon spool, scissors, glue gun, black paint (not pictured), black felt and embellishments.

First you need to tear off the top part of the spool. You can discard this piece.

Next, take the felt and measure it to the inner part of the spool and wrap around to know how much you need to cover it. Make sure to cut a little extra to overlap. You can always cut off if you have too much.

Now you need to trim off the excess (if necessary) to be the right size in scale with the top part of the hat. Just use your best judgement. I just eyeball it.

Next step is to paint the whole thing black. Even the underside as well. You can use any craft paint.

paint the underside too
All painted

Now place the spool down on the felt and use the scissors to cut around it. This piece will be the top of the hat to cover the hole in the spool.

Now put some hot glue all around the rim of the top of the hat and place the felt circle you cut out on the top.

Next step is to grab the strip you cut out of the felt to cover the spool. Hot glue and wrap around and secure other side with hot glue. If you have excess, you can cut that off.

If should look something like this. It’s starting to look like a snowman top hat!

So now is the fun part. Embellishing! I used a narrow ribbon to create a hat band for your top hat. Just hot glue one end and wrap around and glue in place.

I used a bit of greenery and holly berries to finish off my hat. You can add anything you would like to match your project or snowman.

Now you can make your own snowman hat from a used ribbon spool. It looks pretty good for something that you would have normally thrown away. Recycle. You can put this on a snowman, use for present embellishment, or hang on your Christmas tree. Possibilities are endless! Have fun with this project. Thanks for coming here and learning how to make one!