Rather than do a video, I decided to write post with pictures on how to assemble the valentines tiered tray 2022. Most of the pieces are self explanatory. The main one that is different is the large envelope.

I chose to cover the large envelope with scrapbook paper I bought from Hobby Lobby. I used the shapes to trace onto the paper and used Mod Podge to attach the paper to the wood. Scrapbook paper comes in so many colors and prints. The possibilities are endless!

There are 3 little sticks in the set. These are to be glued in between the large, back piece and the front piece. This is so the large heart and fit down into the envelope. I used my makeup sponge and painted the sides black.

Now for the assembly. You want to use your super glue gel and put glue on the CUT side of the wood. Not the side you painted. The side you painted will face out.

Here is a close up picture of how it should look. Glue the small pieces on the sides and the longer stick along the bottom of the envelope.

Next, you are going to put some glue on the sticks and place the other piece of the envelope on top. Now you have your little “pocket” for the heart.

It should look like this.

For painting the heart, I used this color. Deco art Dragon Fruit. I used a makeup sponge and gave it 2 coats.

Then I took my chip brush with a little white on it and lightly dry brushed the heart. You could not paint it and used scrapbook paper. Decorate how you wish!

So your heart should slide down into the envelope.

For the little XO’s, I rolled up a piece of tape and placed it on my table sticky side up. Put the letters on the tape and used my makeup sponges to dab on some paint. I super glued them to the envelope and the heart. The red I used is Tomato Red by Anita’s from Hobby Lobby.

To add a little bit of accent to the envelope, I took my black ink pad and rubbed it along the edges.

See the difference?

Next is the letter stack. There is only one piece with the address and stamp. I started by sanding the piece a bit with my sanding block. This will remove any roughness or scorching left from the cutting process.

Then I used the color Baby Pink by Anita’s from Hobby Lobby and painted it on the little letter front. I used a makeup sponge for this. Paint lightly if you don’t want to get the paint in the scored lines and use less paint.

I then used a small detail brush and painted in the squiggles and the heart stamp using black and Dragon Fruit again.

I didn’t paint the other letters. I just stacked them and tied up the bundle with some lace.

Now for the mailbox piece, I watered down some Dragon Fruit color and brushed it on like a stain.

This little piece goes on the top of the mailbox. I painted it black with a sponge and then too a tiny detail brush and made little stripes.

For the tiny letter, I sponged it with white. To accent the lines, I used a ruler and a fine point sharpie and drew the diagonal lines. Then I glued one of the smaller hearts in the middle

Now for the gnome. You can use scrapbook paper and trace his hat and not worry about painting the hearts. I chose to paint mine. I sanded the piece a bit first. I painted his beard first.

Second, I carefully painted the hat with a detailed brush and baby pink. The hearts and his shoes are dragon fruit.

To glue his hands and letter in place, I placed them where I wanted them. Then I picked up one piece at a time and glued them down in place. His hat end also got a small heart. I forgot that pic. Oops!

Your valetine set includes some triangles. These are for gluing to the back of pieces to help the pieces stand if you wish. Just give them a coat of paint and put glue along the longer edge. I place my triangle on the table and then rest the piece against the glue side of the triangle and hold for a minute or so. These pieces are totally optional.

I sure hope this blog post and pictures help you to assemble your piece. If you have any questions or problems…feel free to email me at theturquoisevalentine@gmail.com

You can also join my free Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheTurquoiseValentinesCraftersReveal/ and post pictures of your completed set. Just be sure and answer the 3 joining questions.