I am going to show you step by step how to assemble the laser cut set from my shop. If you would like to see a video of this you can go here https://fb.watch/7GlovK3zpX/. I put this together live on my Facebook page.

You are going to need some Super glue gel. I like the gel the best because it gives you a little time to get your pieces set before it sets up. REMEMBER…….ALL of my laser pieces come with a protective masking tape on them. This protects the wood from being scorched during the laser cutting process. So be sure and peel off of each piece before painting and embellishing.

This is what your set will look like right out of the package. Remove the pieces from the wrap and let’s begin!

You are going to take one of the squares and glue two of the rectangles to the square like this. It leaves a small “channel” in the center. This is where your string will go when you turn this into a garland. Neat right?

The gel glue will give you a few seconds to line the pieces up and flush with each other.

After you have that step done, next you will glue on the top piece. So glue the remaining 3 squares on top. Like shown here

Be sure and let the glue set up for a few minutes between steps also.

At this point you are ready to paint or embellish the blocks as you wish. The next few pics will show you how I embellished mine. I mod podged fabric to the fronts of the blocks. Then I used makeup sponges, the little wedge shaped ones, to dab on the letters. You can glue the letters down with the gel glue just the same as you did the other pieces.

After that sets up, you are ready to string your garland. Beads come in the set and you can paint them how you wish. Use string, twine or fabric to create a tassel for each end. The little Santa hat can be attached to one of the tassels if you desire. Then you are done and have a cute decor piece for your home!