In springtime, is there anything sweeter to look at than a bouquet of tulips? Craft your own with me to enjoy or gift all season long. You will need: 

  • A thrifted container (rectangular like mine or any shape)
  • Craft paint
  • A tulip template about 3.5” tall, tracing pen (FriXion pens available in my shop), and scissors
  • Fabric pieces, as many patterns as you’d like for different tulips
  • Stuffing like polyfill
  • Thin wooden dowels or skewers
  • Green fabric, like cotton broadcloth, and Mod Podge
  • Floral foam
  • Craft moss
  • Embellishments like felt bees or ladybugs (and thin wire to make a spring), ribbon, zip ties and buttons for a fabric bow

The tulip leaf method will take some time to dry so do them first! I’m a fabric girl and I chose to make the tulip leaves out of green broadcloth. Paint a swatch of the fabric with Mod Podge and tape it on the edge of a table to hang dry. A fan will speed the drying!

Paint your container with craft paint. This container is from Harry & David – they have really good pears!

A layer of white paint helps cover a dark coloured box. I used a dryer to speed the paint drying process but you could do it ahead of time too.

I then applied a light brushing of a pale mint colour, using chalk paint by A Frayed Knot called “Re-fabulous”.

Tip! You could paint your tulip stems now and set them aside for later – see the stem method later in this blog post.

For the fabric tulips, you can draw a simple template with a tulip shape about 3.5 inches tall and cut it out to trace.

The template used here is available in the Facebook group “The Turquoise Valentine’s Crafters Reveal”, a private group for interested crafters that you are welcome to join through my Facebook page!

Trace a tulip on folded fabric and cut out, to create a double sided tulip shape. FriXion pen ink disappears when heat is applied – find these in my Amazon shop.

Hot glue the pieces together for fast mode crafting! Sewing is nice too if you have the setup and time. Leave the bottom open to add stuffing.

Stuff the tulips.

Paint your dowels with green paint, just wipe a drop of paint along the dowel with a tissue and dry with a heat gun. Insert them into the stuffed tulip and hot glue the fabric to the dowels to close the opening.

With your green fabric, cut out some leaves to glue onto the prepared stems.

Assemble floral foam blocks into your container. Slice smaller pieces with a knife to wedge in any gaps.

Assemble the tulip stems at different lengths and towards both the front and back of the container.

Add a strip of hot glue along the bottom of each leaf and press it around the bottom of a stem.

Cut some fabric moss (I use scissors!) and assemble in the container.

Add embellishments as desired! 

Coil thin wire around a pencil to make a spring, and attach a foam bee.

Wrap a length of ribbon around the container and hot glue in place. If there’s a wire in your ribbon just pull it out!

For a fabric bow, layer strips of fabric in an “X” shape and wrap tight with a zip tie (trim off the end). Glue to the front of the crate at one side of the ribbon and add a button or notion to the center.

Thanks for joining me to make this super cute tulip planter! I hope you or your loved one will love it as much as I do!

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