Hello, my friends! It’s Leigh with The Turquoise Valentine, and I am back with a super cute and useful craft project that I get asked about all the time: a tabletop wreath holder. Whether you’re displaying a seasonal wreath, a hanging sign, or any cute decor, this holder is a perfect addition to your home. Let’s dive into this step-by-step tutorial!

Materials Needed:

  • Dollar Tree wooden round with a hole (for the base)
  • Hobby Lobby circular plaque (for the base)
  • Dollar Tree wooden cube (for the base)
  • Home Depot 9-inch traditional table leg
  • Hobby Lobby finial piece (for the top)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Wood glue
  • Brown acrylic paint (like FolkArt Real Brown)
  • White wax (like Waverly White Wax)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Step 1: Preparing the Base

1. Assemble the Base:

Begin with the Dollar Tree wooden round and the Hobby Lobby circular plaque. Apply wood glue around the whole piece of the plaque and some hot glue for immediate hold.
Center the plaque on the wooden round and press down firmly. Let it sit for a few minutes to ensure it’s securely in place.

2. Attach the Cube:
Take the Dollar Tree wooden cube. Apply wood glue to the bottom of the cube and hot glue around the edges.
Position the cube in the center of the circular plaque. Press down to secure it.

Step 2: Adding the Table Leg

3. Prepare the Table Leg:
You’ll be using a 9-inch traditional table leg from Home Depot. If the leg has a screw, remove it using pliers.

4. Attach the Table Leg:
Apply wood glue to the top of the cube (where the table leg will attach) and some hot glue for immediate hold.
Center the table leg on the cube and press down firmly.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

5. Add the Finial:
The finial piece will go on top of the table leg to complete the look.
Apply wood glue around the bottom edge of the finial and hot glue in the center.
Attach the finial to the top of the table leg and secure it.

6. Drill a Hook Hole:
If you plan to hang items, drill a small pilot hole at the top of the finial and screw in a small cup hook.

Step 4: Painting

7. Paint the Base Coat:
Mix brown acrylic paint with water to create a stain-like consistency.
Apply the mixture to the entire piece, ensuring even coverage. Let it dry thoroughly.

8. Applying White Wax:
Once the paint is dry, use a brush to apply the white wax. The goal is to give it an antique, whitewashed look.
Apply the wax generously, then use paper towels or a dry cloth to wipe off the excess.

You can use a baby wipe to remove more wax if you want a lighter look.
Make sure to get the wax into all the crevices to enhance the textured, aged appearance.

Step 5: Assembling and Displaying

9. Let the Wax Dry:
Allow the wax to dry completely. This will leave you with a beautiful, distressed finish that adds character to your tabletop wreath holder.

10. Final Assembly:
If there’s any excess glue or paint in the grooves, gently sand it down.

Now, your tabletop wreath holder is ready to display! It’s perfect for holding wreaths, signs, or any small decorative items that need a stylish stand.

This tabletop wreath holder is not only functional but also adds a touch of rustic charm to your home decor. It’s an incredibly satisfying project that shows off your creativity and craftsmanship.

I hope you enjoyed crafting this with me. Be sure to share your creations and let me know how they turned out! For more crafting inspiration, follow me on Facebook and stay tuned for my next creative project. Until next time, keep crafting and adding your unique touch to your home.

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