How adorable is this? Wood beads, bunny beads, color and fabric! It doesn’t get much better! This is a kit that is available in my shop here If they are sold out, I will restock. I am going to show you here how to assemble the bunny beads. If you need instructions on how to string the beads and make tassels, here is a video to help you

These are all the pieces that you should have received in your bunny bead kit.

So you need to paint the front and back pieces of your bunny. There is really no need in painting the inside pieces. They will not show. I used a light gray for mine but brown or white would look super cute


So flip over one of the painted solid pieces. Now you will use glue to secure the side pieces onto the solid bunny. See pic above.

Here is the glue I use. I buy it at Dollar Tree. You could use wood glue as well but you will have to wait until the glue dries. I love the instant bond of super glue gel. It gives you a few seconds to get the pieces in place before it sets up.

Your bunny should look something like this. The channel in the middle is where your string will go through.

Next, glue the top bunny on and let dry. Be careful not to get any glue in the channel part. It only takes a dot or two of glue. Let this dry for a bit before you start building your garland.

Now you can glue on the little bunny tails. If you would like you could use pom poms too!

Now that you have your bunny beads made, you can go ahead and put the beaded garland together as normal. There is a link to a video of how to make it at the top of this post.

I hope you enjoy this set. I absolutely love it.! Thanks for purchasing! Leigh