There are all kinds of Americana prints and patterns out there. I took some favorite fabrics and used crackle medium to make three versions of patriotic birdhouses. Who can resist these little feathered craft birds!

You will need:

  • Small wood birdhouses (Dollar Tree or craft store)
  • Candlesticks (my shop or Hobby Lobby)
  • Craft paint and a couple brushes
  • White chalk paint
  • A heat gun 
  • Crackle Medium (or school glue works)
  • Mod Podge
  • Antique wax (or brown craft paint) and wet wipes
  • Craft moss
  • Mini sander
  • Fabric scraps
  • Craft birds

This part is going to feel strange but stick with me – paint 2 houses white and one splotchy red and blue.

Paint a thick coat of crackle medium on each house and let it dry.
On one of the white houses, apply a coat of red paint gently with single brush strokes – don’t work it too much or the paint will pull off the crackle and make a mess!
As the paint dries a white crackle will show up.

Paint a coat of white chalk paint on the red/blue house the same way. (pictured below).
Paint a coat of blue on the other white house the same way!

If you want a weathered look, dab some antique wax on the houses with a wet wipe. This tones down the color and makes them look old. Some paint may pull off which gives it an even more weathered feel.

Dab wax onto the candlesticks with the same technique.

I used a red fabric pattern on the blue house, blue pattern on the red, and a red/blue mix on the crackled white house.
Measure and tear your fabric to the size you need. I cut a slit in the fabric then tear it for a rustic edge.
Paint Mod Podge on the roofs then press your fabric on and paint another Mod Podge layer to seal it.
Use a sander to polish the roof edges, downward motions over the edge.

Dab some antique wax around the edges and on the roofs.

Hot glue the house to a candlestick.

Hot glue some craft moss to the bottom of the front of the house.

I dabbed some wax on my little birds to tone down their bright colors.
Hot glue a bird to each house.

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