Hey there! I made the signs for this Bee Tiered Tray set on Facebook Live on 5/19/22. Click here for the video replay. 

This craft covers a “reverse transfer” technique for applying a printed graphic to wood. In my video tutorial I go through a few examples of it and there are even some lessons learned! It’s less of a flawless tutorial and more of a “learning in community” moment.

The video tutorial is the easiest way to learn this method. Here is the general gist of the technique, and some materials I used to make the signs for this tiered tray.

The general method:

  • Cut out your printable. Apply a Mod Podge layer on the ink side, and press face down onto wood.
  • Dry for a day.
  • Spritz the paper with water and rub it off with your fingers.
  • Touch up the design if needed with black pen.

You will need:

  • Wood signs – cube, oval, rectangles
  • Craft paint 
  • Printables printed on regular paper. The graphics are available for download below.
  • Mod Podge and paint brush
  • Water spray bottle (small spritzer)
  • Black pen

For bow decorations:

  • String (Bakers Twine) or embroidery thread
  • Optional – Antique wax (or brown craft paint) and wet wipes

Printable bee graphics:

Originally published on May 20, 2022.
Updated on June 5, 2024.