Hello! We have all seen these wood cut outs from the Dollar Tree. They can be painted or you can add scrapbook paper to them to give them a different look. Here is how I added some pizazz to one of mine in my stash.

So for this craft you will need a wood pumpkin cut out, a hot glue gun and two contrasting colors of paint.

First step is to make patterns on your wooden pumpkin with your hot glue gun. Zig zags, dots or lines. Whatever your heart desires. Let this set up before you move on the the next step.

Here is how mine looks after the glue. Just make whatever design you want to.

Next, I took some Waverly chalk paint in the color white and painted the entire pumpkin. Set aside and let dry.

Now I let the white dry and then I took some Waverly chalk paint in black and used a chip brush to lightly dry brush over the areas that I decorated with the glue gun. This will enhance the raised areas and make them “pop” against the white. I also painted the stem with the black paint.

I went around the outside with the black paint to. I thought it was too white and wanted a little distressing.

Next, I added a messy bow and ta da! You have a pizazz pumpkin. Experiment with different designs and colors to match your decor. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet!