I’m all about using supplies you have on hand to create something fresh. For this spring arrangement we take jute carrots and styrofoam Easter eggs to create sweet decorations for a reused can vase.

If you don’t have craft carrots like these, aluminum foil could be molded into a carrot shape, mod podged with brown paper and painted. Or you could take carrot shapes from “Happy Easter” signs! Generally you will need:

Carrot Butterfly:
Craft carrots (mine are from Dollar Tree)
Craft paint and hot glue gun
Fabric swatches
Wood beads (or other material).  There are a few kinds of wood beads in my Amazon shop.
Yarn and/or jute string
Floral craft wires (20 gauge) (mine are from Hobby Lobby), pliers and wire trimmers
Kebab sticks

Clothes Pin Butterfly:
Wood clothes pins (4.5 inches) – a couple options in my Amazon supply list.
Drop cloth (or any fabric thin enough to scrunch into the pin). I went with a neutral tone for this example!

Styrofoam easter eggs
White fabric (or lace)
Kebab sticks

Arrangement base:
Metal can
Fabric and jute string

Carrot Butterfly & General Method:

Trim the carrot “greens” off and hot glue a wood bead to the top to make a butterfly body.
Paint the body in a color to match your fabric. A heat gun will help dry it up.

Take two fabric swatches for the wings – the larger one is about 7 inches long and 5.75 inches tall and the smaller one can be 6 inches long. You can tear your fabric to size for a rustic edge.
Scrunch them in the middle like a bow, and tie a knot with string.

Hot glue each wing onto the back of the butterfly body.

Rub black paint onto part of a floral wire.
Trim off a length of wire about 4 inches long, and bend it into a sharp “V”.
Use pliers to bend the ends of the wire into curls, insert into the bead and seal with hot glue.

Clothes Pin Butterflies:

Blot black paint onto a clothes pin for a stained effect.
Scrunch two wings of fabric into the slit.
Apply hot glue to the bottom of the slit to seal fabric.

Apply some glue on the side of the body, above the slit, so you can adhere the wings a little higher up.

Wrap floral wire around the “neck” of the clothes pin and coil it into antennae.
Also wrap a second long piece of floral wire around the back side of the slit, to make an attachment option for this butterfly.


Paint a styrofoam egg with black and yellow stripes.
Adhere some rounded “wings” of white fabric with hot glue. Lace would be cute too.
Poke antennae (made of floral wire with the method above) into the top of the bee.Poke a kebab stick into the bottom then trim it with an exacto knife to make a stinger.
Poke another kebab stick into the bee for its attachment to the arrangement.


Cover a metal food can with your fabric of choice and some jute string.
Arrange greens and your butterfly and bees.

What a cute way to repurpose jute carrots and styrofoam Easter eggs!  Its always fun to make something nice out of craft supplies you have.

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